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Seating comfort

For optimal seating comfort, high-quality upholstery, generous legroom, and adjustable reclining seats are standard in every Postbus.

On-board restroom

The on-board restroom at the back of each Postbus provides ample headroom and same-level accessibility (without stairs).

Climate control

Every Postbus is equipped with air conditioning to ensure a pleasant on-board climate regardless of the weather outside.

Plugged in

Each seating row features a 230 volt power outlet to meet today’s communication and entertainment needs.

Good connection

Every Postbus offers free WiFi to keep you connected at all times – whether you're surfing the Internet, chatting, checking email or sharing photos with friends and family from the road.

Media center

Use your own smartphone or tablet PC and enjoy the extensive entertainment options in the Postbus Media Center. Create your own individual entertainment program by choosing from a wide selection of current films and TV series, audio books, music and select e-magazines.


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